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Romantic house with tea colours, which brings to the visitor memories of old farmhouses from a warm, different countryside, somewhere in the Mediterranean.

The characteristics of Zagori are intense with the stone pillar in the middle of the room, a sign of strength and endurance, carrying the weight of the house and the handrails made of crabapple wood, alocal crabapple, ash and oak.

The unique fairytale atmosphere elevates the human soul, designed in accordance to nature with all means of expression.

It can accommodate up to 5 people (75 m2), offers the following amenities:


Household appliances (full)



Fireplace (with firewoods)


Artsistas Houses


Aristi is located in Western Zagori, in the triangle Megalo Papigo - Mikro Papigo, Aristi, Vikos and is connected with the Central Zagori. It is 42 km from the city of Ioannina at an altitude of 650 meters.
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