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The love and respect of the owner for the cultural heritage of the region is evident. The dream of returning back as well as the attempt to make the vision a reality is intense as well. It captures the visitor in a visual delight through its great aesthetic and the meticulous revival of old style and tradition.

Colour, light and dimension, all inspired by the environment, comply with the unwritten law of simplicity, offering the absolute sense of tranquillity within the wildness of nature. Dazzled by the natural beauty and aesthetics of all visual stimuli, you live the present, travelling from the past, away from everyday routine.

Artsistas Houses


Aristi is located in Western Zagori, in the triangle Megalo Papigo - Mikro Papigo, Aristi, Vikos and is connected with the Central Zagori. It is 42 km from the city of Ioannina at an altitude of 650 meters.
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